September 11th, 2012

Close Encounter

No sooner had we set up our office / classroom / download centre at Pafuri luxury tent camp than we received our first curious visitor.

This was one of the locations for the photography workshop in conjunction with Journeys Unforgettable.  It really was an amazing location with each elevated luxury tent and the main restaurant / bar overlooking the Luvuvhu River.  There was always something to see without going anywhere, crocodiles, impala and elephants to name a few.  At night we were frequented by cheetah and lions.  It was amazing to listen to the sounds of nature at night from within your luxury tent.  (tent is somewhat of a generous term for a luxury lodge room that happens to have canvas walls).  A fabulous place to enjoy the times between our morning and afternoon game drives!
Pafuri, South Africa.

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