Custom Safaris

Our safaris will take you to many places in Africa and beyond. Depending on the time of year you wish to travel, your interests, expectations, and budget, will all play a significant role in the consideration and careful planning of your safari.

The flow and organization of your safari itinerary is crucial to your journey and experiences. Special attention goes into every facet, such as the best game viewing areas to travel through and in what sequence. Transfer times between camps and planning each day, and ther insights such as when to overnight in cities, and how and when to splurge on special extra experiences are very influential when planning your vacation.

Having lived in South Africa and traveling often to other parts of Africa, gives us an unusual and invaluable insight into this type of customized planning.

We believe that the key to success of your unforgettable journey is to ensure that the company you choose is truly capable of providing what you are looking for in terms of the geographical location in which the lodges and camps are situated, the wildlife viewing opportunities, and the knowledge and quality of the guides and staff.

We enjoy a special and strong partnership with Wilderness Safaris, whom for 25 years has been recognized as one of the leading safari operators. Wilderness Safaris has been awarded many eco-tourism awards, most notably The World Legacy Award for nature based tourism by Conservation International and National Geographic. This gives us at Journeys Unforgettable access to safari accommodations that are exclusive and offer unbeatable experiences.

We also utilize other well respected ground operators who give us their support and provide special expertise in those areas and countries which they operate. For example in Tanzania and Kenya our ground support and planning is provided by Origins Safaris.

The links below will illustrate some of the options that are available to you when planning your journey. Also visit Safari Central for updated information and travel tips.