Photo Adventure Trips

Our vision is to combine the joys of an African Safari with the passion of photography. The Unforgettable Photo Adventures expand on these principals to bring you a truly unforgettable experience.

The PHOTO ADVENTURES are specially customized to facilitate a maximum learning experience and at the same time enjoy the most incredible safari adventure. The trip leaders include professional photographers and local specialist guides who have lived and guided in these remote wilderness areas. Not only will these individuals have a vast understanding of animal behavior as well as environmental awareness of the specific areas visited, they are all very keen photographers.


Take Your Equipment for a Real Adventure!

Photographers of all levels are welcome. Whether you are a beginner or advanced amateur, these specialized safaris are designed for those interested in learning and improving their photographic art, technique, and passion. Special allowances are made so that extra photographic gear can be taken on the trip. Yes, that 500mm f/4 can come along! There is no specific photographic/computer knowledge we require that our guests have prior to traveling, as we will modify and customize the interests of those involved.

The workshops will include but are not limited to these various photographic skills ranging from the beginner to advanced and even professional techniques:

  • Digital Camera Operations (All Camera Manufacturers)
  • Infinite Photographic Skills and Technique (All mediums and styles)
  • Workflow and File Management (Both PC and MAC)
  • Editing and Processing of Images with programs (ie. Adobe Photoshop/Lightroom, Photomatix, Etc.)

Many of our trips are accompanied by co-lead photographers or special photographic guests. Dana Allen is our local primary African based professional Photographer and Digital Expert. Joining our team 4 years ago, when the first Photo Adventure Trips began, Dana has taught photography at Universities in both the United States and Zimbabwe, and in the recent years has become a close friend and trip leader on our Unforgettable Photo Adventures in Africa.

His expertise in photography and technology will further illustrate his love and dedication to sharing with you his passions. Acquiring his first camera at an early age, Dana’s passion for photography has never dimmed. He was awarded both a Bachelor and Master’s Degree with highest honors in Fine Art Photography at Arizona State University.You can visit Dana’s website at

David Cardinal, is a long-time wildlife photographer who specializes in North American mammals and birds. His images of creatures in the wild help communicate the importance of our natural heritage and our responsibility to preserve it. David is co-author of The D1 Generation, and has had his articles and images appear in publications including Outdoor Photographer, Studio Photography & Design and PC Magazine. David’s background also includes starting and producing Digital Pro.

Recognizing the importance of the proper support on the ground and the planning it takes to make these trips so special and so well run, having led some of these trips, David is a strong supporter of Africa Photo Adventures and the parent company, Journeys Unforgettable. You can visit David’s website at

We are extremely proud and privileged to have photographers and others like Dana and David supporting us.

Impressions from George Lepp

On a recent trip, we were indeed honored to have with us the exceptionally well-known and internationally respected Canon Print Master/Explorer of Light and Outdoor Photographer Magazine Tech Guru, George Lepp, and his lovely wife Kathy, as our guests. Be sure to read George’s article of his experiences from our most recent Africa Photo Adventure workshop in the March 2008 issue of Outdoor Photographer.

“Having traveled all around the world, I was impressed with the thoroughness, customization, and attention to detail from the team at Journeys Unforgettable. The digital photo program is more than a photographic workshop in an exotic place; it is a truly “unforgettable” experience for any photographer.

By utilizing high-quality camps under the operation of Wilderness Safaris, Journeys Unforgettable went above and beyond to include both safari guides and instructors who really understand the photographer’s needs, as well as being extremely passionate about the wildlife. The careful planning to have electrical power 24/7 for my computer and abundant room in the vehicle for equipment, gave me the tools needed to ensure no photographic moment was missed!

The attention to detail in regards to the preparation of each day’s agenda and unbelievable locations offer abundant opportunities for unique and compelling photography, and even professional photographers like myself had numerous opportunities to enhance their skills on this trip and come home with breathtaking photos.”
– George Lepp